Cloud development made

Run your service in the context of your cloud environment, with access to other microservices, databases, queues, and managed services, all without leaving the local setup you know and love.

  • Speed up your feedback loop: Test your service in the cloud from your local machine, without CI or deployment
  • Lightweight: Get up and running in seconds
  • Safe: Concurrently test on the same cloud environment
curl -fsSL | bash

Use Cases

No more complex and resource-intensive local setups. Plug the process you're developing (or even just your terminal) directly into your staging environment as you work, and quickly test out database commands, API calls to other services, and more.

Wait for your CR to be approved, for the CI to pass, and for your service to be deployed to staging only to break it for everyone else because of some bug you missed. Or use mirrord, and immediately test your service in staging conditions, without deployment and with minimal risk to the staging environment.

Have an issue that doesn't reproduce locally? Reproduce it in staging with your local process plugged in, and debug it right in your IDE. Then immediately test your fix, no deployment necessary.

How It Works

mirrord runs in two places - in the memory of your local process, and as a pod in your cloud environment. The two components work together to fuse your local process with its remote counterpart so that inputs to the remote pod are mirrored to the local process, and outputs from the local process are tunnelled to the remote pod. This includes network traffic, file access, and environment variable - everything needed to make your local process “think” it's running in the cloud.