What frameworks/languages does mirrord support? #

mirrord works by hooking libc, so it should work with any language/framework that uses libc (vast majority).

This includes: Rust, Node, Python, Java, Kotlin, Ruby, and others (most languages use libc).

mirrord also supports for Go, which doesn’t use libc

Does mirrord support clusters with a service mesh like Istio or Linkerd? #

Yes. However, traffic mirroring isn’t currently supported - you can use the --steal flag to steal traffic instead.

Does mirrord support OpenShift? #

Yes, mirrord works with OpenShift. However, OpenShift usually ships with a default security policy that doesn’t let mirrord create pods. To fix this, you would need to tweak your scc settings - more information here. If you’d rather keep the default security policies, we recommend trying out mirrord for Teams. See this question for more info.