Monitoring #

The mirrord Operator can produce logs in JSON format that can be digested by most popular logging solutions (DataDog, Dynatrace, etc). To enable JSON logging, set operator.jsonLog to true in the Operator Helm chart values. The log level is INFO by default, and can be changed using the RUST_LOG environment variable in the Operator container, which takes values in the following format: mirrord={log_level} (e.g. mirrord=debug).

Functional Logs #

The following logs are written with log level INFO, and can be used for dashboards within monitoring solutions in order to monitor mirrord usage within your organization:

Log messages:

  • Target Copied
  • Port Stolen
  • Port Mirrored
  • Port Released
  • Session Started
  • Session Ended


targetthe session’s targetAll
client_hostnamewhoami::hostname of clientAll
client_namewhoami::realname of clientAll
client_userKubernetes user of client (via k8s RBAC)All
session_idunique id for individual mirrord sessionsPort Steal Port Mirrored Port Released Session Started Session Ended
session_durationthe session’s duration in secondsSession Ended
portport numberPort Stolen Port Mirrored Port Released
http_filterthe client’s configured HTTP FilterPort Stolen
scale_downwhether the session’s target was scaled downTarget Copied

DataDog dashboard #

We offer a DataDog dashboard you can import to track statistics (working on official DD integration as well). Download it here