There are a lot of ways you can contribute to mirrord, like:

  • Write code! See our guide here. Most of our code is in Rust, but we also have some TypeScript and Kotlin (in our VS Code and IntelliJ extensions, respectively), and even some Assembly if you’re feeling particularly brave. To start writing code for mirrord, find an issue you’d like to fix or implement in our issue tracker. Please let us know that you’re working on an issue beforehand, so we can assign it to you, provide help and reduce double-work.
  • Report a bug you found in our issue tracker.
  • Suggest a feature or improvement in a discussion on our GitHub discussions.
  • Write a blog post about your experience with mirrord. We’d be happy to share it, or even host it on the MetalBear blog - just open a PR with the new post the MetalBear website repo.
  • Contribute to our docs and website by sending in a PR to the mirrord website repo.

Community is at the core of the mirrord project, and we welcome anyone and everyone that wants to join. We mainly hang out on Discord - if you need help or want to chat, feel free to join us there!