Develop Locally with Your Kubernetes Environment

Run your local code in the real-time context of your cloud environment, with access to other microservices, databases, queues, and managed services, all without leaving the local setup you know and love.

  • Speed up your feedback loop: Test your service in the cloud from your local machine, without CI or deployment, and cut your SDLC in half
  • Lightweight: Get up and running in seconds
  • Safe: Concurrently test on the same cloud environment
  • Free and open-source (MIT): No strings attached


                            brew install metalbear-co/mirrord/mirrord
                            curl -fsSL | bash
Quick Start Guide

The same SDLC, but faster


    Stop trying to run everything locally. Plug your new code in and out of your cloud environment right from your IDE, and quickly test it out in cloud conditions. No Dockerization or deployment required!

  • CI

    CI taking ages to set up ephemeral environments for end-to-end testing? Use the mirrord CLI to run your tests in your already existing staging environment. It's non-invasive, supports concurrency, and cleans up after itself.


    New version breaks in staging but works on your machine? Reproduce the bug in staging with your local process plugged in, and debug it right in your IDE. Then immediately test your fix, no deployment necessary.

  • brooke_weaver.png

    Brooke Weaver

    Staff Software Engineer | Vivint


    “Then I tried mirrord and it was flawless. It does everything I liked about Telepresence but better.”

  • shani_sahar_kaneti.png

    Shani Sahar Kaneti

    Backend Developer | VMware


    “Debugging a service became much faster and easier.”

  • vergil-avatar.png

    Vergil Zhao

    Senior Software Engineer | Flexport


    “[mirrord] has significantly improved our development experience, making the team happier and more efficient.”

  • leonard_melo.png

    Leonard Melo

    Software Engineer | RockSpoon


    “We are using mirrord... to debug issues and test local changes, in our shared staging environment, without impacting other developers. ”

  • piotr_szczepanski.png

    Piotr Szczepański

    Senior Software Engineer | SentinelOne


    “Instead of asking every developer to create and fill a local environment, we have a single large remote one that is used by everyone.”

  • tine_jozelj.png

    Tine Jozelj

    Principal Engineer | Bird Buddy


    “[With mirrord] the service is running locally (fast iterations) but still receives all the cluster access including databases, credentials, configuration.”

  • nitzan_braham.png

    Nitzan Braham

    Software Engineer | Salt Security


    “With the use of mirrord and its extensions, we were able to [debug a complete workflow], significantly improving the development feedback cycle.”

  • guy_shaibi.png

    Guy Shaibi

    Software Developer | Run:ai


    “mirrord made development faster and much more enjoyable.”

  • bar_hochman.png

    Bar Hochman

    Development Team Lead | Bfore.Ai


    “Configuring mirrord and using it worked like a magic.”

  • roman_yarinovsky.png

    Roman Yarinovsky

    Senior Software Engineer | Utila


    “mirrord seamlessly integrating into our current environment and allowing us to debug remotely is a game changer for us”

  • danny_rehelis.png

    Danny Rehelis

    DevOps Team Lead | Savvy


    “IT JUST WORKS! Out-of-the-box integration experience with our development containers setup directly from VSCode, all with a push of a button.”

How It Works

mirrord runs in two places - in the memory of your local process, and as a pod in your cloud environment. The two components work together to fuse your local process with its remote counterpart so that inputs to the remote pod are mirrored to the local process, and outputs from the local process are tunneled to the remote pod. This includes network traffic, file access, and environment variable - everything needed to make your local process “think” it's running in the cloud.