List of third-party guides and videos about mirrord:

Hands-on Tutorial of mirrordVideoLive overview of MetalBear and mirrord, and a demo of mirrord
Unlock Fast and Efficient Local Development with Kubernetes and mirrordVideoOverview, walkthrough, and pros and cons of mirrord
A simple introduction to mirrordBlogOverview and use cases for mirrord
Let’s debug a kubernetes pod locallyBlogShort mirrord tutorial
Empowering Backend Developers: Introducing mirrordPodcastOverview of mirrord, common use cases, and Q&A
CodeStory: Aviram Hassan, MetalBear & mirrordPodcastInterview with Aviram about how MetalBear and mirrord started
The Most Magical Kubernetes Development Loop I’ve Ever SeenVideoShort overview and demo of mirrord
Rethinking Cloud DevelopmentVideoOverview and demo of mirrord
Advanced Kubernetes Debugging TechniquesSlidesSlides about mirrord and other debugging tools
Mastering Local Microservices Debugging with MirrordBlogDemo of mirrord
Local Debugging of Dotnet Web API in AKS using MirrordBlogDemo of mirrord
Local Development With MirrordBlogDemo of mirrord
Making locally executing code think it’s running on k8sBlogOverview of mirrord
Intro to “Remocal” Kubernetes Development with mirrordVideoOverview and use cases for mirrord
What is Remocal? How can this approach help enhance DX (developer experience)?BlogDemo of mirrord