Quick Start - mirrord for Teams

mirrord for Teams is currently in closed beta. Go here to join the waitlist.

mirrord for Teams adds a new component to the mirrord architecture: the mirrord Operator. The mirrord Operator is a Kubernetes Operator that runs on your cluster and manages mirrord clients running against the cluster. To start using mirrord for Teams on a Kubernetes cluster, all you need to do is install the Operator - once it’s installed, all mirrord clients will use it automatically when impersonating targets on the cluster.

Installing the mirrord Operator #

NOTE: This has to be performed by a user with elevated permissions to the cluster.

  1. Install the mirrord CLI.
  2. Run the mirrord operator setup command. The base of the command is: ​ mirrord operator setup [OPTIONS] | kubectl apply -f - ​ Options:
  • --accept-tos You accept terms of service for mirrord-operator
  • --license-key The license key for the operator
  • (Optional) -f, --file Output Kubernetes definitions to file and not to stdout (instead of piping to kubectl apply -f -)
  • (Optional) --namespace Set namespace of mirrord operator (default: mirrord) ​ So the final command should look like ​ mirrord operator setup --accept-tos --license-key <license-key> | kubectl apply -f -

You should now be able to see the mirrord-operator deployment when running kubectl get deployments -n mirrord. Also, when you run mirrord, you’ll see the connected to operator step in its progress reports.