Pricing Plans

You can keep using mirrord, which is free and open-source; or check out mirrord for Teams, the product we built on top of mirrord and that’s tailored for teams and larger organizations.

Read about the available plans below.

mirrord Open-Source


  • Run local code in the context of your cloud environment!


Free and open-source

mirrord For Teams

mirrord for Teams introduces the mirrord Operator, which runs in your cluster and manages the mirrord instances running on it. Read more in the docs


  • Concurrent work on the same pod

  • Targeting whole deployments

  • RBAC

  • End-users don't need permissions to create pods

  • SLA: 48 hour response time on support tickets.

  • Communication: Discord/Email






  • Everything in the Team plan

  • Communication: Private channel in any of Discord, Slack, or Teams

  • Support for airgapped clusters

  • Professional Services

Custom Pricing