mirrord Makes It Easy

mirrord on every developer’s laptop makes local Cloud Dev better.


CLI or IDE, Your Choice

mirrord meets your developers where they are

Extremely simple to set up

Works With VSCode and IntelliJ

Or stay in the terminal and hack with the CLI


Hack Locally, Works Remotely

Configure once, use everywhere.

Access to everything in-development services need - network traffic, disks, environment variables, queues, and more

Developers don’t have to maintain their own personal k8s environment - they can just use the existing shared environment.

Debug in the cloud directly from your IDE, without clunky remote debuggers or adding temporary logs


The mirrord for Teams

Speedrun Challenge

We can get mirrord for Teams running in minutes in any environment -- no matter how complex.




Curious about mirrord for Teams but don't want to set anything up? We'll do it for you -- fast.

Ship Faster, Ship Better

No more ‘git push’ to test.

Cloud developers have too many hoops to jump through to test and deploy code

Shorter feedback loops means more and better feedback

Skip Docker Build, CI and deployment when you want to test in the cloud

More and better feedback means higher quality code

*What’s Remocal? More here

*What’s Remocal?

Remote + Local = Remocal.

mirrord makes your local development experience feel 100% remote by making the running process think it's running in Staging. That means when you run your code with mirrord, it's the same as running it in Staging, without having to move your code around, 'git push' to test, or do anything more than work directly from your CLI or IDE as you always have.