User Stories

"Configuring mirrord and using it worked like a magic."

About yourself #

Bar Hochman, Development Team Lead.

About your company #

Bfore.Ai is like having a crystal ball, we predict if a domain will be a part of attack vector and protect your brand from phishing before it becomes phishing.

What did you use before? #

We read logs and hoped for the best. The best is far away from being there.

Why did you choose mirrord instead? #

Configuring mirrord and using it worked like a magic. I’ve spared my time debugging a stupid bug and it took me 0.1 second to find the bug (and another 10 seconds to solve the bug , but it’s on me). It worked like a charm. Easy to use, just like debugging in my environment.

How do you and others in your organization use mirrord? #

If something is buggy, we can easily see if the problem is us or the k8s environment (which is also, us). It’s easier than using different tools.