User Stories

"mirrord made development faster and much more enjoyable."

About yourself #

Guy Shaibi, software developer at RunAI.

About your company #

Run:ai develops AI workload orchestration on Kubernetes.

What did you use before? #

Before mirrord we used to debug using logs by building and pushing every change, or use Telepresence when it was convenient enough.

Why did you choose mirrord instead? #

mirrord is a HUGE improvement in terms of ease of use and adoption. Telepresence was the main alternative, but it required changes in the code and we found it rather buggy sometimes. mirrord made development faster and much more enjoyable.

How do you and others in your organization use mirrord? #

We develop on both local (kind) and remote clusters, and use mirrord to run, debug and test our application locally.